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As the major and most Famous country in UAE, Dubai is best valued through the window of a Ferrari rental in Dubai. There’s no better way to sight-see in a country known for it’s impeccable style and discriminating taste than behind the wheel of a luxury cars rental dubai. At Dubai, we offer you the most Famous luxury vehicles available anywhere, and of course our award-winning customer service. With options like Porsche, Mercedes, and Ferrari prestige car rental in Dubai, you’ll experience supreme comfort and simplicity.

Most of the people consider Ferrari Rental in dubai, Ferrari is the one most famous car brand in the world, and its models are generally easy to identify from their stylish curves alone.The company was originally set up in Maranello, Italy by the founder Enzo Ferrari in 1929 and it was his intention to mainly concentrate on motorsport. Today, the company is 90% owned by Fiat and the cars are probably the world’s most search for-after, high-performance vehicles. A great deal of this must be due to the success that Ferrari has achieved in Formula One racing, including having more winning drivers than any other team as well as carrying off the constructors’ championship more often too.

The very first Ferrari road car was made in 1947 and since then the company has used many of the world’s most famous car designers, including Pininfarina, Bertone and Zagato, to create the smooth and sinuous lines for which the marque has become so famous. Behind every Ferrari Rental in dubai is also the highly responsive and powerful V8 or V12 engine which, coupled with superb handling and road holding, makes for a quite unique driving experience. The California T, 458 Italia and F12 Berlinetta are all some of the most desirable cars to hire amongst many others we have available.

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